Why I hate the Vegetarians

My mother in law had acquiesced to my marriage with her son. No big news there, I was aware of that. I was poles apart from her conventional expectations, and after two love marriages (where partners are chosen by parents with a strict adherence to customs and traditions) of both her daughters and the resultant … Continue reading Why I hate the Vegetarians


Two Funny Deaths

Just toward the end of February this year, the world was astounded with the news of the death of Sridevi - a prominent Bollywood actress and superstar. Even worse was the news that she died in Dubai, at a hotel leaving behind a very distraught husband - a renowned producer and director. Her two daughters … Continue reading Two Funny Deaths

‘UnClubbing’ the Room

Amid the several health scares that we both have - my husband has been diagnosed with a 'atypical' hemangioma of the liver, for which he requires additional tests including an upcoming MRI scan to properly 'rule out' more scares, while I have a gastric inflammation that shot to 900 points from an otherwise dormant score … Continue reading ‘UnClubbing’ the Room