Hap Hazard Beginnings

Three things came to my attention this morning from the daily news:

Firstly, it’s the cute Sonam Kapoor’s wedding ceremony taking place right now, and she seems so happy in all of the pictures released so far, even though her husband-to-be does not possess even half the stylish quotient that Sonam Kapoor is known to carry off rather gracefully. Another blatant evidence that either opposites do attract, or we always look for the new and the fresh in the other or better half. It send me reminders to my own wedding preps, which coincidently took place three years ago around the same time. Some stressful bunch of days! I’m not sure how I pulled it off. For all those lovely ladies looking to get married – get a wedding planner, and get some sleep. My heartfelt congratulations to the blossoming couple!

The second thing is more annoying: we still hear reports of Dalit crimes. Dalits, or formerly known as untouchables are the prejudiced lot that fall at the bottom of the age old caste hierachy, and in an age of technology and advancement are incredulously prey to violence and mistreatment in society. A sheer hypocrisy lies in the next headline, which poses a question to India and it’s ever acrimonous neighbor – Pakistan, that like the two Korean nations, why can’t the former nations take an example and get along? (even though I firmly beleive that the Koreans have spoken too early). If we are so unctuously concerned about the neighor, why can’t we see the war that lies within us. India sadly cannot adjust within the realms of it’s own borders. North Indians vs South Indians, Hindus vs Muslims, Girls vs Boys, vegetarians vs non-vegetarians, green vs saffron, talent vs nepotism, educated vs reserved, humans vs eunuchs, Hrithik vs Kangana, KKR vs CSK and the list keeps getting hilarious. It is said that there is a protest in India every second fighting for rights, for recognition. We need to sagaciously look upon our judgements before accepting another hand in genuine friendship.

And lastly, the use of plastic. Sadly, we do nothing in eliminating plastic from society, and I fall miserably into this category. I lack guilt at the supermarket and I am quick to pack additional plastic bags that will be ready garbage bags at home. I do not also think twice after eating at a restaurant or ordering a take out that I will be handed a plastic container, which someday will be additional garbage constricting the earth of it’s life. Perhaps we ought to write and come together with more optimal solutions to this hazardous waste problem.



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