This morning while reading the news posts, I gaffed at a picture of Rihanna at the Met Gala 2018 donning some designer opulence with a conspicuously placed papal cap. I dismissed the joke soon enough with the idea that she is known for her efforts at showstopping, and since I was not some fashion police neither a fashion trender I moved on to the next piece of news. Seemingly this time again it was that of Priyanka Chopra with another designer outfit – looking like a Crusade armour outfit. Then there was Chadwick Boseman with priestly vestments and one after another, a collective theme caught my attention – the Church. Deepika Padukone was unfortunately one of those who the fashion police criticized immensely and was therefore trolled heavily for not keeping upto the theme of the Met Gala – Heavenly bodies – Fashion and the Catholic Imagination; which in my opinion is a bold, though sad attempt at creativity and controversy all at once.

Why Catholic? I wonder. Why bring it in the news trend so suddenly when all has been going well? With the new Jesuit Pope replacing several unexplained and blind strictures with liberty and spirituality, it was a little unfair to drag the Catholics into the spotlight. And yet again, people still haven’t fathomed the meaning of the word Catholic – which originates from the Greek word Catholiksias meaning universal doctrine. So even if I were to wear a saffron sari with a colorful head veil, I could still call myself a practising Catholic. We were never, and should never be confined to a closeted imagination. It certainly gives the non-catholics a wrong message. Meanwhile I congratulate the designer of Deepika Padukone, for her liberal sense of creativity and living up to the real theme, while wondering how the celebrities, after their photographic parade on the red carpet would sit on a chair to enjoy a salad.

Cannes Film Festival on the other hand, marked its first year with the absence of the disgraced film mogul – the ugly and fat Harvey Weinstein. Yes, a journalist reported that it was unfair to drag his looks and size into the allegations, but I could not help myself. With the onset of the #MeToo movement that reverberated throughout the globe, picking out many such abusive Kings and Princes from their comfy thrones who thought they could hide under the veil of their celebrity status, I am still dissatisfied with the minimal cases that have stepped forward from India, particularly Bollywood. In a country lately termed to have a Rape Epidemic, I expected more courage and insinuations by afflicted women. This only goes out to prove that money and corruption, is still a powerful silencer of the motherland who ironically majors in a religion worshiping the goddess form of the divine.

To quote the actress Richa Chaddha, “It would take police protection to name a few of these ‘gods’, without which I will stay silent until then”. Shamefully.


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